Choosing Your Celebrant

I remember being engaged and meeting with a few celebrants. It was quite an interesting experience. They all had their own unique personality and had something different to offer. The first was a young female celebrant who was very bubbly. I appreciated her enthusiasm but felt that she was a little too animated and would probably detract from OUR love story.

Another was an older male who was professional and pleasant but I just didn’t feel that we clicked or that he would create a ceremony tailored to us.

The third was a lady who seemed to be the MacDonald’s of the celebrant world, trying to upsell add-ons. She asked us if we wanted a barn owl to fly in the wedding rings. The answer was “… umm … no thanks.” The idea of a pair of talons, flying towards my face, made me tense up.

Owl to fly in wedding rings
(Image via University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources – PC Linda Wright)

My fiancé and I discussed who we would both feel comfortable with and agreed that we would prefer a middle-aged female who was calm, competent and friendly. Through word of mouth, we met with our lucky last celebrant in a café. She had a relaxed yet attentive energy and we finally felt at ease.

About Me

It’s important that you find a celebrant that you feel comfortable with and one who can offer you what you’re looking for. That celebrant could be me! I’m someone who loves the outdoors, listening to music, healthy living and spending time with friends and family. My friends describe me as someone who is supportive, a great listener and has a good sense of humour. I’ll take the time to get to know you to ensure that your ceremony is special and meaningful to you. I used to be a drama and English teacher, so I’ll be able to write you a well-structured, fully customised ceremony and deliver it clearly and with warmth.

I’d love to meet you and discuss how we can create your amazing ceremony. Feel free to send me a message through my contact page or give me a call on 0404 997 923. Let’s chat.

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