The Elopement Ceremony

To elope means to run away to secretly marry. I see it as an alternative to the big wedding; it doesn’t need to be a secret to everyone. You might want to elope to have a ceremony that is more relaxed, more intimate and more cost effective. You may decide to celebrate with others afterwards or enjoy the wedded bliss with only you and your partner, or just a few loved ones. An elopement can be very romantic and personalised to suit your wishes.

An elopement is more about you and your partner than your guests.

Legal Requirements

To run away and get married sounds very spontaneous. It’s more like Norah Jones’s song “Come Away with Me”: there needs to be a bit of planning. You have to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage form at least one month before you get married, with your celebrant (hopefully me 😊). You’ll need two witnesses at the ceremony, to hear you say your vows and sign the marriage documents. The marriage documents require five signatures: yours, your partner’s, the two witnesses’ and the celebrant’s. One of the witnesses could perhaps be your photographer.


One of the perks about an elopement is that you can pretty much get married anywhere: from a mountain top, to a park, beach, winery, garden or restaurant. Some public places, such as parks or beaches, may require a council permit. Choose a place that is special to you and your partner, one where you both feel happy and comfortable. The place you get married could be somewhere you visit later, such as your anniversary. This ceremony spot then becomes like a core, to which you can add memories and meaning.  

Pick a place that makes your heart happy!

Ceremony Ideas

You can decide whether you want it to be a simple ceremony or more customised with personal vows. It may also include readings or rituals, such as a sand ceremony (items for rituals to be provided by the couple). As your celebrant, I can give you a booklet with lots of ideas and inspiration. You can have a look at my customised wedding packages (fully personalised and sweet & simple) to get an idea of what could be included in your elopement package. Together we can create something special that suits you. You can contact me via my email form or call me on 0404 997 923.

gay couple intimate elopement in winery

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