Vow Renewal Ceremony

A Special Way to Say “I Still Love You”

A renewal of vows ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate your continued love and commitment to your partner.  A vow renewal ceremony can be held at any time after the exchange of your initial marriage vows; whether it be a year, five years or twenty-fifty years and can be celebrated more than once. Many married couples choose to have a renewal ceremony on their tenth wedding anniversary. A vow renewal is about celebrating your life together and doesn’t require any legalities. You might want it to be an intimate occasion or it could be a bigger celebration to include the people you cherish most, perhaps including your own children. A vow renewal can incorporate the elements you want, such as your relationship highlights, readings and personalised vows.

As every couple and their journey together is unique, I’ll take the time to get to know you. I’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire and provide you with a resource booklet full of ideas and readings. This way, I’ll be able to create a personalised ceremony, which is customised to celebrate your marriage. 

happy married couple at vow renewal ceremony

Style & Setting

Decide on the style and setting you want. Do you want it to include a relaxed BBQ, intimate dinner or something a little grander?  It could take place on a beach, a mountain top, in a park, at home or in a hired venue. You could even incorporate your celebration with a holiday. Choose what you are comfortable with and what’s meaningful to you.

Does the beach hold your heart or are you more of a garden type gal/guy?

Decide on your budget. This is not a wedding, so it doesn’t need to be as elaborate. For example, you could have cupcakes instead of a big cake but you may still want a photographer to capture the happy moments.

Skip on the bridal party. Spare them the expense. Simply ask friends to come as guests.

You can send electronic invitations and let people know that they are not expected to give gifts. It’s just a chance to celebrate. 

Keep it light-hearted and focus on the positives.

Personalised Vows

Invest some time to write heartfelt words that express your love. These can incorporate your initial marriage vows, what you have learnt about each other and your achievements together, such as travel, having children, building a home and developing your careers. You can also state your hopes, dreams and promises for the future.

write wedding vows or renewal of vows that celebrate your marriage

This is a good opportunity to tell your partner all the reasons you still love them!

Other Tips

Think about how you want to enter. If you want, your father could walk you down the aisle or you could be escorted by your children or arrive together with your partner.

Include children in ceremony aisle walk at a renewal of vows ceremony

You can include your loved ones. For example, your eldest may read a poem.

Exchanging wedding bands is optional. A special message could be engraved on your current rings, or you can simply bless your rings, or exchange another gift.

wedding rings at a renewal of vows ceremony

You may want to take the time to thank the people nearest and dearest to you. This could be a time to acknowledge those loves ones who are not present, but whose presence is felt.

Have fun! Enjoy a reception where the music is pumping and the champagne is flowing.

Champagne toast at a renewal of vows ceremony

Let’s chat

Do what feels right for you and reflects your relationship. I’d love to discuss ideas with you to help create an amazing renewal of vows ceremony. Have a look at the package I offer and let’s chat. You can contact me via my email form or give me a call on 0404 997 923.

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