What’s a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Parents kissing baby during naming ceremony

A baby naming ceremony is a special event like a christening; yet it generally doesn’t include religious elements. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the individuality of your child and welcome them to family and friends. The baby naming ceremony may also include other children. It’s usually held within the first 12 months of a child’s life and is often joined with a first birthday celebration. It’s a joyous occasion, which doesn’t require any licences or legalities. 

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Ceremony Content

The content and format can be very flexible to suit your wishes. The ceremony many include a story about your child, the reason behind the choice of their name, blessings from loved ones and pledges of support from chosen mentors. As a parent, you may want to talk about your promises to your child and your hopes for their future. The ceremony might have a theme that ties all the elements together, such as love, gratitude or superheros. The mood may be formal, or it could be more relaxed. It’s a lovely event, where your child is celebrated and showered with love and support.

hearts and hands come together at a baby naming ceremony
It takes a community to help raise a child!

Ideas for Your Naming Ceremony

  • Tree planting – guests can pour dirt around the tree as they can say a kind wish for your child. This tree will then grow with your child and is a beautiful symbol of life.
  • A time capsule – guests can bring an item to place in a box, such as a small gift, a note or photograph. This box can be given to your child on a special birthday (e.g. 5, 12, 16, or 18).
  • Gift giving – you may want to give your child a special gift, such as a personalised bear, blanket or bracelet. 
baby’s hand with personalised bracelet for naming ceremony
Personalised gifts make beautiful keepsakes.
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Candle lighting – candles (that may be personalised and decorated) can be lit by loved ones (such as a parent, grandparent or mentor) who make a wish or promise. 

Video recording – guests record a message to your child.

Poetry reading – I can give you a booklet that includes several options. One of my favourite poems is called a Message for My Child by Jessica Wesolek.

Let’s Plan Together

As a celebrant, I would love to help plan and deliver a wonderful Naming Ceremony for your child. I’ll give you a resource booklet with lots of inspiration, such as rituals, poems, songs and ideas. Have a look at the package I offer and contact me for a chat. 

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