Including Friends and Family in Your Ceremony

A beautiful friend of mine gave me a print with a lovely quote. It greets all at the entrance of my home and reads “Life is a journey and LOVE is what makes that journey worthwhile.”  It’s simple and true; love gives life joy and meaning. So, it makes sense to include your friends and family in your ceremony.

love quote for your ceremony

Marriage is the ultimate expression of romantic love, yet your guests on your wedding day do not need to be mere bystanders. I’m all for including friends and family, engaging them and making them feel special because they help make your world wonderful.  


So, here’s a few ways that you can include your folk:

Ask them to escort you down the aisle. Traditionally, the father of the bride’s role, but this could be anyone special, or more than one person

Sing a song or play an instrument before, during or after the ceremony

Coordinate the music (you can use my PA system during the ceremony)

Ask them to read a poem or say a blessing

Greet and usher guests (people are often polite and hesitant to take up a seat but it looks better for the photos)

Particular family members and the bridal party may be acknowledged and thanked individually in the ceremony

Be part of any rituals, such as a sand ceremony (many examples provided in ceremony booklet)

Look after the rings (rings are a tradition, not a legal requirement)

They may act as a witness i.e. to sign your marriage documents (as long as they are over 18 years old)

Hand out anything applicable, such as rose petals

Your Children

If you already have children, you may want to give them a gift and say a few kind words to them about their place in the family and your commitment to them.

Include your friends and family in your ceremony such as young girl

For more relaxed affairs, friends and family may help with food preparation, invitations, photography and decorations.


My mother-in-law read a touching poem during our wedding ceremony. I printed this poem and it’s now also hanging on our wall. It’s called “A Tapestry of Love”.

Heart Red Leafed Tree on Red Field

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Including friends and family in your ceremony is a great way to make it extra special. Just make sure you give them plenty of time to prepare. That way, everyone is stress-free and things goes smoothly. Feel free to email me the details about your ceremony and arrange a no obligation chat. I’d love to be your celebrant and help make your ceremony amazing.

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