17 Ways to Feel Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

There are a lot of traditions when it comes to weddings: the way things are usually done, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be done that way. Your wedding day is about YOUR love and celebrating that. So, tip 1 is be YOU. Think about what you’ll both need on your wedding day to feel relaxed and have fun.

beautiful and relaxed bride on her wedding day
Doesn’t this bride look beautiful and relaxed!?

To give you an example, on our wedding day, Trent and I decided to do the photos before our ceremony. This wasn’t really the done thing but I didn’t mind him seeing me in my dress before the aisle walk. We felt that the day would be a lot more relaxed if we could go straight from the ceremony to the reception, rather than feeling that people were waiting on us to come back from our photos. This worked for us and is just one example of how you can mix things up, so that you’ll feel relaxed on your wedding day.

My other tips for staying relaxed include:

  • 2. We had our ceremony and reception at the same venue (Brisbane Powerhouse), so that there was no rush to get to another location.
  • 3. Do lots of planning beforehand. Imagine how you want things to go and the steps and resources you’ll need. From this activity, you can create an action plan and checklists. There’s also a lot of information on the internet about wedding planning. You might want to try Offbeat Bride.
  • 4. If you are doing a first dance and/or speeches, make time for lots of practise in the lead up, so you feel relaxed on your wedding day.
Practise your speech so you are more relaxed on your wedding
A funny and well-delivered speech was given by the groom. Photo by Murray

Stay healthy

  • 5. Get a good night’s sleep before your big day.  
  • 6. Allow plenty of time: time to get ready and time to arrive at the venue. That way if anything unexpected comes up, such as bad traffic, it won’t phase you.
  • 7. Have a big, healthy breakfast and lunch to give you good energy.
Eat well before your wedding so you feel relaxed and energised
Don’t let yourself get hangry! (Photo by Murray).

Communication and comfort are key

  • 8. Communicate with your vendors beforehand and give them a copy of your wedding day itinerary. Let them know of any issues and changes, early, and for anything that pops up on the day, ask a friend, family member or coordinator to take care of it for you, so that you can just enjoy.
  • 9. Make sure you’ll be comfortable e.g. have water, snacks, sun protection, umbrella, spare pair of shoes (flats), a jacket for the evening, phone charger etc and have this packed the day before.
  1. 10. Touch has a very powerful effect. If you’re a hugger, just go for it, with those closest to you, of course.
  1. 11. Joke around with the bridal party and have lots of laughs. This will make you feel good and make for great photos.
Having a laugh on your wedding day will make you feel more relaxed
Playing twister with the sister! (Photo by Murray).
  1. 12. Gratitude – focus on what is going right. People won’t notice the little things that may not match your vision. Remember that it’s about the big picture – you’re marrying your best friend!
  1. 13. Take some time out – a few minutes alone in the bathroom can help you stay relaxed.
  1. 14. Appreciate all the people that surround you with their love and spend the most time with those people that make you feel great.

Be in the moment

  1. 15. Enjoy a moment with your partner alone – before the reception could be a suitable time, or even before the ceremony. The day really does go fast.
bride and groom sharing a moment alone to relax together on their wedding day
A moment alone can make the world melt away 🙂
  1. 16. Be in the moment (focus your thoughts and senses on the now) and go with the flow. Trust in all the planning and your vendors.
  1. 17. Smile and breath. You are the stars of the show and will be smiling a lot. Your cheeks are going to get a good work out. Mine were definitely sore the next day from all the smiling and laughing. That’s just a sign that you really did feel relaxed and have the best time on your wedding day 😊

If you’re still looking for a celebrant, I’d love to help. Please get in touch. Thanks and happy planning!

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