Marriage Ceremony of Nina & Joel

Nina and Joel’s marriage ceremony was very special. It was fun, relaxed and heartfelt. The guests were engaged: laughing and cheering throughout. They are a fantastic couple and it was a pleasure to marry them. Their ceremony script was written from scratch, just for them, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and telling their story. In summary, they met because Guy Sebastian started playing at a music festival; this gave Nina and her friends the incentive they needed to leave. They found themselves at a tavern close-by and that became the start of Nina’s new life with Joel.

Fun and relaxed celebrant with beautiful bride and happy groom

Relaxed Atmosphere

They chose to get married at Walkabout Creek, which is oh so pretty. It’s surrounded by lots of trees and water. The natural setting complemented the relaxed nature of the ceremony perfectly. There was no stiffness at all, and the couple was very comfortable, kissing throughout. So, when it came time to declare them husband and wife, I added on to the you may kiss… “again!”. It was wonderful to see them in the moment, really feeling and enjoying their ceremony.

Including Family

Family members were included in the marriage ceremony, making it all the more special. Nina was walked down the aisle by her older brother. The beauty of a civil ceremony is that it can be modern and personalised to suit you. We then asked Joel’s daughter if she gave her blessing to the marriage. It was a sweet moment and created a sense of completeness. Before Nina and Joel made their promises of love to each other, I asked the guests if they would make a promise: To support Nina and Joel’s marriage, and to laugh, drink, dance and enjoy themselves whole-heartedly. They were such a fun and loving crowd that they of course gave a big cheer in agreement.

Fun Brisbane based celebrant conducting marriage ceremony

Feeling Blessed

Nina and Joel were so lovely that they invited me into their group photo. This was an unexpected surprise. Due to feeling so swept up in the emotions of love and happiness, I accepted and joined in to celebrate just that little bit longer. Being surrounded by two people so obviously in love is like bathing in bliss. Above all, thank you for having me as your celebrant! I wish you a very long and joyful marriage xox

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