Modern Tongan Marriage Ceremony

Matilda and Karl have been together for over a decade and now have two beautiful children together. They felt that the beginning of 2020 was the best time for them to have their modern Tongan marriage ceremony. I love it when people live life on their terms and do what feels right for them. I want my couples to be happy and relaxed, especially during their marriage ceremony.

Marriage ceremony space decorated with Tongan Tapa cloth

Tongan Elements

They were married by me at the South Brisbane Sailing Club in West End, on the Brisbane River. Karl’s family background is Tongan, and it was wonderful to have elements of his culture infused into their wedding. Karl was wearing traditional dress and his family decorated the space with the Tapa cloth and colourful mats. This really added to the atmosphere, making it feel warm and intimate.

The ceremony was an unplugged wedding. People were asked to switch off their phones, as we can make the marriage official without the help of Facebook. Several couples request this option, as it means that they can look out to their loved ones and make eye contact, to really feel their love, support and engagement in the ceremony.

South Brisbane Sailing Club on the Brisbane River takes bookings for the marriage ceremony and wedding reception
A great venue for a self-catered wedding

Love Story

Like all my ceremonies, it was a reflection of the couple, and I talked about their love story. Matilda and Karl met in May of 2008. Their eyes met across the crowded room of a lecture theatre. They were both there to study politics and still share this passion to this day. I really enjoy getting to know my couples: what they love about each other and their relationship, so that this can be celebrated.

The Brisbane River in West End is the perfect backdrop for a marriage ceremony
The Brisbane River near the Sailing Club

Personal Vows

The vows that they wrote to each other were full of love and appreciation. My favourite line out of Karl’s vows were when he promised to stand by Matilda’s side “as partner, fellow adventurer, co-parent, cheerleader and now husband.” This summarises their relationship wonderfully. Matilda spoke about how Karl makes her a better version of herself and how she loves him even more now that she has seen him father their children. Their guests gave them a warm cheer in support.

Decorated hall for wedding reception at the South Brisbane Sailing Club
Family decorated the hall inside beautifully

Personal vows are definitely worth writing and I give my couples several options to assist. My main goal is to convey my couples’ relationship and for them to be happy in their love bubble. During Matilda and Karl’s modern Tongan marriage ceremony, we all floated along on cloud nine, and were delighted to congratulate the newly married couple.  Congratulations Matilda and Karl!

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