A Beautiful Marriage Ceremony

There was quite a lot of rain on Sunday, but I knew that Mia and Albert would have a beautiful marriage ceremony anyway. I married them at Walkabout Creek in Enoggera Reservoir. We waited to see what the weather would do; I don’t mind waiting because I only book one wedding a day. That way I can get to the venue early and be flexible to my couples’ needs. There was a gap between the showers, so Mia and Albert were able to have their outdoor ceremony at the gorgeous Lakeview deck.

Love Conquers All

Walkabout Creek Lakeview deck for the beautiful marriage ceremony
A little wet beforehand but love conquers all

The water was not only falling from the sky; as the love spilled over, people shed a few tears. On behalf of the bride, I gave a little thank you speech addressed to her mum. Mia’s mum has acted as both nurturing mother and guiding father and has been an incredibly strong role model. I also thanked Albert’s family for all the support that they have given him. Small speeches can be incorporated into the ceremony to shorten the number delivered at the reception. If you like, I could also include a funny story about the bridal party, and this way your guests have an icebreaker to laugh about together.

Friends and Family at the Lakeview Deck

Group photo after marriage ceremony at Walkabout Creek in Enoggera Reservoir

I spoke about how Mia and Albert’s relationship developed over time; mostly by enjoying adventurous activities. They have been on many hiking trips together. For one of these hikes, they were greatly under-prepared, which tested their survival skills, but they managed to stay intact without having to go ‘Bear Grylls’. They also went to New Zealand on a ski trip, which was their first overseas holiday together. The experiences they shared there, even though they both got concussion, have become treasured memories. These two like to live life on the edge.

Australian groom and Vietnamese bride with Brisbane celebrant at Walkabout Creek

Their Rings

The rings Mia and Albert exchanged are the prefect reflection of their relationship and life together. They both enjoy rock climbing, so having rings made of hard metal could result in a finger injury. Therefore, their rings are made of silicone, which is soft and flexible. These rings may not seem precious, but they had already been present on many adventures with them, which makes them, and the memories attached priceless. The rings also need to be replaced as rubber does not last forever. This is symbolic of the fact that vows are not just said once and forgotten. They are to be revisited and renewed as the promise to love each other is made over again and again.

Silicone rubber rings exchanged during beautiful marriage ceremony at Walkabout Creek

Most importantly, beneath all the fun, and near-death experiences, Mia and Albert have built a strong relationship based on unconditional love and support. It was a pleasure getting to know them and being their celebrant. I’m so glad that they still had a beautiful marriage ceremony despite a bit of rain. I wish them all the best in married life and many more fun adventures together.

If you’re looking for a celebrant, I’d love to get to know you and your partner and celebrate your relationship. Please get in touch to see if I’m available on your date.

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