Brisbane Outdoor Wedding

Nirobon and Alex were married by me under a big beautiful fig tree for their Brisbane outdoor wedding. They hired a property in Pullenvale through Airbnb and decorated the tree with large orange and white drapes of fabric. It was simple yet made such a fantastic impact and the orange colour was a perfect reflection of the couple’s joyful personalities. The atmosphere was relaxed, happy and elegant.

Brisbane celebrant under fig tree for outdoor marriage ceremony

Intimate Ceremony

The ceremony was intimate and started with children blowing bubbles to the background of live acoustic music. Alex’s son walked Nirobon down the aisle, which was very sweet. We then formed a small semi-circle of love around the couple. Alex thanked his children for welcoming Nirobon into their family and they shared a hug. It was a very touching moment.

Including Loved Ones

I thanked everyone for coming and also acknowledged special people that couldn’t be present. Unfortunately, Nirobon’s parents weren’t able to attend the Australian ceremony, as they live in Thailand. I read out a letter on their behalf with their well wishes, advice for a happy married life and sentiments about how they look forward to celebrating with them soon. There are many ways to include loved ones, even if they physically can’t be present. I enjoy making everyone feel welcome and part of the ceremony.

Brisbane celebrant with bride and groom under fig tree for outdoor marriage ceremony

Nirobon and Alex met through a mutual friend. Nirobon was interested in learning English and developed a friendship with Alex, where they chatted about everything. Their relationship eventually became romantic and we laughed about how Nirobon was finally able to understand Alex’s dad jokes. Together, they have supported each other and shared many wonderful experiences.

Tree Planting Ritual

The ceremony finished with a tree planting ritual, which is perfect for a Brisbane outdoor wedding. The couple placed a small tree in a pot, and I read out a short blessing for the newlyweds as guests came forward and scooped soil around the base of the tree. The tree represents growing together and the group planting symbolises support for the marriage. The bride really got involved and ditched the small spade to dig her hands into the soil. It was fun watching her get fully immersed and ended the ceremony with a touch of spontaneous joy. I love getting to know my couples and seeing them celebrate their way.

Photograph by Adrian Alford – award winning  photographer specialising in landscape, nature and travel photography

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