Unplugged Ceremony

Chloe and Kymberlee had a beautiful unplugged ceremony at Walkabout Creek. In the housekeeping, I let friends and family know that we have a professional photographer present, so they don’t need to take any photos. At the couple’s request, I asked that the guests switch off their mobile phones. This is becoming more popular because couples want to look at their loved ones smiling faces and not have them hidden behind a sea of phones. It also means that people can be more relaxed and engaged. It’s a lot easier for people to clap and cheer when they have their hands free!

And clap and cheer they did, for Chloe and Kymberlee have a wonderful relationship. I spoke about how they met at work and then after a few months became best friends. It was in March of 2016, when they went to a Twenty One Pilots concert together that their relationship became romantic. They do say that music is the language of love!

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I spoke about what the Kymberlee and Chloe mean to each other. They provide each other with love, support and fun adventures. They understand each other and make the perfect team. Their relationship provides them both with softness and strength. They help each other grow and be the best that they can be. Mid last year, Kymberlee and Chloe welcomed their adorable little boy into the world. They both feel so blessed to have him in their lives and love him to bits. Together they have created a life that is happy, exciting and meaningful.

They wrote some amazing vows to each other. The perfect combination in vows is mostly heartfelt, mixed with some personal details and a sprinkle of humour. One funny line was “I promise to kill all the spiders, and share my fries with you when you’ve finished yours but you’re still hungry.” We all had a good giggle about that.

It was such an honour getting to know these ladies and planning their unplugged ceremony with them. I loved witnessing their vows and celebrating their relationship. I wish them the brightest and most wonderful future together.

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