A Heartfelt and Light-hearted Ceremony

I recently married Sarah and Glen at Shangri-La Gardens in Wynnum West. They have a fantastic sense of humour, so it was fitting that their ceremony be not only heartfelt but also a little light-hearted. I really enjoy getting to know my couples and appreciate it when they feel comfortable to just be themselves. After all, their wedding day and ceremony is about them and celebrating their love.

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Love Story

I get to know my couples by asking them to complete a short questionnaire. This includes how they met, things they love about their partner and major milestones in their relationship. Sarah and Glen have different recollections of how they first met. It’s not really agreed upon who made the first move and who saw who first; but what is noted as fact, is that Glen did somehow come to Sarah’s attention on a night out at a bar, and when this happened, she yelled to him “you’re good looking”. This next part is also not entirely clear: Glen says that he walked over with a cool stride, thinking yup this lady is smart and has great taste in men. Sarah says he sprinted to talk to her. The facts are not entirely clear, but either way, they talked and danced for the rest of the evening.

Shangri-La Gardens wedding venue in Brisbane
They were married at Shangri-La Gardens in Wynnum West

Including Children

This was only part of their story that I told during the ceremony. Another big part of their lives is their children from previous relationships. Sarah was walked down the aisle by her son, which was very sweet. Glen’s son was also included as the ring bearer. It felt very special to include their children in the ceremony.

Sand Ceremony

I give my couples a ceremony booklet that has lots of ideas. From this booklet, Sarah and Glen decided to conduct a sand ceremony with their children. The different coloured sands were poured by each individual into one larger vase to symbolise the joining of their four lives and the bond that they all share.

Sand ceremony performed during marriage ceremony

Writing Vows

I thoroughly enjoyed writing and delivering their ceremony, which was a good balance of heartfelt and light-hearted. I also helped them write their vows, which came fairly easily after reading their questionnaires. As Glen proposed to Sarah after singing “Nights in White Satin” to her, I added into his vows “I promise to always be the man who will declare his love for you, even if it means standing on a stage to sing my heart out.” I asked Glen if he wanted to sing during the ceremony, but he informed me that he really can’t sing… The love between these two is beautifully obvious and I loved being their celebrant.

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