Surprise Wedding

I mingled with the other guests at Howard Smith Wharves for Claire’s 40th birthday party. When asked, I introduced myself as a fairly new friend. Claire and I had in fact recently met at a local clothing store (Style Your Way) and did get to chatting there, so my background story had elements of truth. When asked what I did for work, I told people that I was a relief teacher, as I do have experience in this field. Little did people know that I had arrived half an hour earlier as the celebrant to set up my PA system, and show Mathew (Claire’s partner) how to use the microphone. Guests were unaware that they were actually at a surprise wedding.

Howard Smith Wharves surprise wedding venue
Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane City

The Announcement

After about an hour of socialising, Mathew invited everyone inside. He gave a small speech, wished his fiancé a happy birthday and thanked everyone for coming. It was then, with his fiancé standing by his side, that he dropped the bombshell on the unsuspecting guests that it was also their wedding! He invited me forward out of the crowd and the guests roared with excitement. The only people that knew were their parents and a few close people who had to travel from interstate.  The guests were immediately on board and ready to celebrate. I’ve had warm and happy starts to ceremonies but none quite as electric as this!

Surprise wedding at the Greenhouse in Brisbane City
The Greenhouse at Howard Smith Wharves

As mentioned, Claire was standing next to Mathew and didn’t do the walk down the aisle. Yet, she did still want to include her parents and Mathew’s mum. So instead, I asked if they all gave their blessing to Claire and Mathew to join their lives in marriage. Even though Claire and Mathew are grown adults with their own children, they are still precious to their parents. This was a lovely way to acknowledge and respect the guidance and support of their parents.

The Energy

My favourite part of the ceremony was when I asked Claire: “Claire, do you promise to always love, respect and support Mathew and cheer for the Broncos?” There was laughter from the crowd and also a loud wave of objections. Mathew’s mates obviously root for another team. I waited and continued with: “… and also the Maroons and Arsenal.” Then there was approval with lots of cheering.

Brisbane celebrant at surprise wedding in Brisbane City

A Happy Ending to a New Beginning

Claire and Mathew’s surprise wedding was very enjoyable and the energy in the room was amazing. Everything went to plan, and it was just the way they wanted it to be: relaxed, no fuss and a lot of fun. After three years of being engaged (they got a bit busy looking after their boys), it was an absolute joy to marry them and their kids had front row seats. A surprise wedding was perfect for them.

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